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Mobib basic


Can someone tell me what this is and how to get one? I used to use a Jump 10 journey card. I need to do 4 trips on STIB today and 2 tomorrow. I can only find info about having to have a photo card and ID for a Mobib card, which seems more for adding monthly passes, but the STIB site mentions the Mobib basic card as being a possibility for short visits. Can't seem to find any info specific to the basic card though!


This pass works like the London Oyster card. You should go to a Metro Station like Roodebeek, Porte de Namur, ... and ask for information at the guichet.

Jul 13, 2015 09:43

The Mobib basic is about 5eur, I think, and you can then add journeys - the 10 trip ticket is available, and I think a day pass (you can also still buy a paper day pass from the machines - I suppose aimed at tourists), and single journeys.

Jul 13, 2015 09:47

The info is not available in English,
Mobib basic cards have been getting given away for free at most major metro's but normally a card costs €5

Jul 13, 2015 10:09

The advantage of having a normal (i.e. personalised) Mobib card, which is the same price, is that you if you lose it you, you don't lose the remaining validity on the card because the Stib can cancel it and issue you with a new one. You can also load period tickets on it if you should need one at some time in the future.

The main advantages of the Mobil Basic card are that the issuing procedure is a little simpler (because you don't have to show your ID card) and that it can be used independently by more than one person in your household, whereas the Mobib card CAN be used for two (or more) travelling together but only if the card holder is in the group travelling.

Jul 13, 2015 10:57