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Am looking into purchasing a car from Belgium, but to UK specification. I will be gaining discounts through NATO and also with the eco discount that the Belgian Government provide. I have asked in a few car dealers and they are under the impression that I cannot 'order' a car with UK spec's. Does anyone know of a car importer that will do this for me or a car dealer any where in Belgium that would be happy to order/provide a car right hand drive.I am looking at a Ford fiesta/Vauxhall Corsa/Renault Clio/Kia Rio/VW Golf.

If anyone can help please post!!


As you're buying under the Nato scheme, you need to contact the various "diplomatic sales" teams at the brands you want.  Regular car dealers won't be able to help you.

See here for Fiat's site  :

All the major brands have an equivalent somewhere.  Just call them up, or ask around your colleagues how / where they bought their cars.

Oct 20, 2011 07:51