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Metro station at Brussels Central to undergo major facelift

15:02 01/03/2022

The metro station located at Brussels Central Station will be getting a major renovation beginning on Tuesday, with construction expected to last until 2027.

The works will be carried out in phases in order to ensure the station remains operational throughout the multi-year renovation, reports Belga, with the most disruptive construction largely completed by 2025.

The metro station at Brussels Central is one of the oldest in the Brussels public transit network Stib, and serves around 4m passengers a year, from tourists and commuters to local residents. 

Despite dating from 1969, the station has never undergone a thorough renovation. For many travellers to the capital, it’s their first introduction to the city. 

“As they say, the first impression is often the most important one,” said Karine Lalieux (PS), federal minister in charge of Brussels federal fund Beliris, which is helping finance the works.

“The renovation contributes to the image of a modern and welcoming capital.”

Brussels central station metro station - Belga-Dirk Waem

Changes to lighting, accessibility and size

The station will be modernised, enlarged and made more accessible. Lighting and the flow of traffic will be improved as well. 

“All this should make life easier for travellers and turn the station into a truly vibrant place,” said Brieuc de Meeûs, CEO of Stib, when presenting the plans. 

Platforms at the underground station will be renovated and widened by moving some of the technical spaces. More natural light will be added, and lighting on walls, floors and ceilings – along with a cheerful new paint job – will brighten the station. 

The station is currently one of the few in Brussels without any original art, so will receive several works of art, in addition to shops, toilets and ATMs.

Access gates will be added, the kiosk sales point will be redesigned, and the information and signage system given a refresh. 

Existing elevators and escalators will be replaced and an additional lift plus two more escalators will be added, along with new staircases. People with reduced mobility will be able to access the platforms directly from the street.

After the work on the station is finished, the city of Brussels will renovate the space above ground with more space for trees and other greenery.

The project is a joint venture between Stib, Brussels Mobility and Beliris. It’s expected to cost around €35 million. 


Photos : © Belga / Dirk Waem


Written by Helen Lyons


Frank Lee

- "with construction expected to last until 2027."
- "It’s expected to cost around €35 million. "
Read: it will be ready in 2037 and cost 75 millions.

Mar 3, 2022 00:32