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MEP to face Brussels court for speeding after immunity is waived

The European parliament hemicycle building. (BELGA PHOTO NICOLAS MAETERLINCK)
06:17 24/11/2021

A member of the European Parliament who was caught speeding in Belgium will face prosecution after the driver’s parliamentary immunity was rescinded.

The European Parliament authorised the waiver on the MEP’s immunity after receiving a request from the Brussels public prosecutor's office. The MEP will now go to court for a violation of the highway code.

"On 25 October 2020, the police recorded a speeding offence on the E411 motorway,” a spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor's office explained.

“The driver was travelling at 179 km/h instead of the maximum speed limit of 120 km/h. Since the driver is a member of the European Parliament, the Brussels prosecutor-general has asked this institution to waive the MEP's immunity.

"This request has been validated by the European Parliament. The waiver of immunity allows for the prosecution of the driver before the police court, in accordance with the internal directives of the public prosecutor’s office.

"This is the third request for a waiver of parliamentary immunity that the Brussels prosecutor-general has made to the European Parliament in the last two years for possible driving offences. These requests have been approved each time."

Written by Nick Amies