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Meet other expats


I know some expats but I'm looking for people who would have the ambition to meet other expats themself to connect and make friends. By meeting such people, you know they are open for mingling.
I believe it's maybe easier to find things in common with expats than Belgian who already have family and friends here. We are ourself a small family but so far I have not been meeting people regularly enough to get to know them.
Are there such places you can suggest apart from the BCT? Thanks


Generally, places where you meet people who are here temporarily whose main ambition is to meet other people who are here temporarily are rather few and far between. It's not exactly what I'd call an "ambition".

Try a hobby. You know - something that makes you interesting. Something you like. Join one of the local Rugby clubs for instance. You'll meet loads of other people who like rugby and the social side that goes with it.

Jun 12, 2016 00:01

Hi Meem it depends on a few things the age of your children if you both work etc. I found children's hobbies sports and clubs a good place to meet others with similar age children but they may not always local often there is a time to sit and wait whilst the child does the activity. . The local park can be an good. Place to get chatting dependant where you live.
If one or other parent (assuming you are a two parent familY) isn't working there are some clubs one can join like the American women's Club, the British and commonwealth club. Maybe not quite your cup of tea or coffee but there are several out there.
As J suggests taking up a hobby be that singing, painting, a sport may also be a way to meet new people. However that doesn't always mean they have similar age families or interests as you do.
School can also be a good way, however it can be difficult when one is as you say an expat.
I have to say personally I did meet lots of people via the BCT but you say not that way.
All, the best

Jun 16, 2016 13:29