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Meditation, netball or dance please!


i am looking to either do a meditation course (complete beginner) or perhaps try some dance (also complete beginner!). i am living in the Tervuren area so anywhere within a 20km radius is fine. I know there are places in BXL but would rather avoid that rat race where possible.

Also, any English speaking netball going on ladies?

Many thanks


There is a yoga center in Tervuren on the street that runs along side the dry cleaner (across from the Kruidvat). Sorry, I only walk around town so I don't pay attention to street names. They have signs that include English so they may offer something in English. Clark's Gym offers Zumba (kind of dance/exercise) and while I am sure it is predominately in Dutch, everyone who works there speaks excellent English. There used to be belly-dance classes at Sport Diependal that were done in English by someone named Queenie.

Apr 23, 2012 17:02