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Medical as temporary resident


Did a search as best I could and couldn't find anything as specific as this. Hoping if anyone could help me out, ill try and keep it simple as possible....

- I (Non EU citizen), moved to Belgium because spouse (EU citizen) got a job offer.
- Obtained my temporary residency (orange card) on that basis, enables me to work without authorisation.
- Turns into the 5 year card in late December, 6 months after obtaining.
- Was working the past few months, for foreign company, paid into Belgian bank account.
- Employer got inspected by the social, his paperwork for me was non existent.
- He had to pay back the social I should have been paying (not sure if he's paid it yet), and ill get tax adjustment to pay (not sure when).
- After he got caught, t's now too expensive to employ me here.
- Still owes me some money and need to make complaint to FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, and see what happens there, (any advice here would be helpful also).

Question is:
Wanting to know if my orange card will allow me to visit a doctor as a local Belgian would.
Was reading maybe there is another card you should get when working that allows for the state medical cover, another number not my Belgian ID.
I do also have medical insurance with Allianz that I used for the dentist and got an ok rebate. But seeing doctor for fertility so not expecting any cover there.

Any advice?


Spouse has mutuelle. You = dependant on spouse => same mutuelle cover.
Go talk to spouse's mutuelle, and good luck with the rest.

Oct 23, 2015 00:42