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May I have your Xpat opinion on a fledgling business idea


Hello to all,

I am planning to start selling real estate for holidays and investment in the Philippines.

What is your personal opinion on that? Do you thing Europeans will be interested in a similar way they are interested in Spain or France?

Kind regards,



a market analysis will be helpful!
you should not directly compare Phils vs Eu countries - several elements need to be considered.

Aug 29, 2016 11:07

People have learnt to educate themselves and are being more cautious about all the legal aspects, crime, security, customs and health care matters and what happens if it all goes wrong worst case scenario.

Aug 29, 2016 14:02

I think it's difficult to know, France and Spain are still all Europeans, they are accessible by car, ferry, plane, coach etc. so I think that's first thing some people only want to for example go by car. People know the history of Europe and so even those who haven't been have some idea can one say the same for the east I'm not sure. They understand the levels of crime, health care sanitation in some way, the know about the local weather that doesn't require research. I can't think I would KNOW this for any where in the east I hadn't visited.
There is some kind of relative stability in Europe as far a political uprising and wars at this moment which can't be said for all parts of the world. I know it relative but also I think if people don't understand the politics they maybe off put. Buying in the Philippines a whole different kettle of fish for many people.
I think similar things have been tried with varying degrees of success in other areas like say Egypt whi would buy a holiday home this this month?
I think the market if reality flat right now not much spare Income and no one is sure what Brexit means.
So straw poll is it possible some people may wish to buy there maybe, but how many one can't predict by asking a bunch of expats.

Aug 30, 2016 12:19

There is no way I would consider buying property in a place like that

Aug 30, 2016 18:08