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Maximilian Park cleared of migrants, sleeping bags 'binned'

23:18 21/08/2017

In Brussels' Maximilian Park on Monday, police arrested 31 migrants who had set up a makeshift camp in the park. Hundreds of sleeping bags, collected just last week for the migrants, were thrown away, according to relief agencies, who are calling the police checks “bullying”, reports Bruzz.

Maximilian Park, located in front of the immigration office, has been home to a number of tent villages in recent months, filled with refugees hoping for a fresh start. Routine checks by the local police have led to numerous arrests. The most recent dismantling drew outrage from the Citizens' Platform for support of refugees and other aid organisations.

"The sleeping bags we distributed at the weekend went straight in the bin. Nearly €4,000 in gifts and charity disappeared In a matter of minutes," reads the Platform's Facebook page. "It is a clear case of intimidation, both towards the migrants and the solidarity movement that wants to help them."

The police denies removing any items that belonged to someone. "We have not taken anything away. Only the items that were left behind were removed to ensure public order, cleanliness and security."

Written by Robyn Boyle



All this does is push the problem away from that area not help those in desperate need it's about time this was properly tackled by the government not left to groups like charities etc to aid these people

Aug 22, 2017 08:51

These people are failed asylum seekers in the main who throw their passports away so they cannot be removed home.

4000 euro better spent on in register peoples in camps near to home.

Aug 22, 2017 14:26

It s about time charities also stop helping these economic migrants who are in the park to be picked up by traffickers hoping to buy their way in backs of lorries to get into UK.

Belgium has a good system for housing asylum seekers, providing full board. These people have no intention of claiming asylum, they have in the main already lodged asylum claims in turkey and Greece and Macedonia etc and walked out if these countries in search of perceived better in UK. Help these economic migrants is helping human trafficking. De not help trafficking. Help those in far greater need in Yemen and turkey and south Sudan

Aug 23, 2017 00:47