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Maternity leave for part-time work



I am just about to start a part-time job for three days per week on a one year contract that might possibly get renewed. I have just found out that I’m pregnant and wonder what if any maternity Ieave I am entitled to. Thanks for any information that can be provided.


Don't tell your employee until week 12 (or longer). Your union can advise you on any maternity leave entitlements.

Jun 6, 2018 14:38

Congratulations and good luck with the pregnancy.

Part time employee will be entitled to the maternity leave allowance on the condition that she has worked a minimum of 400 hours during the last 6 months (the reference period can be prolonged to 18months if this condition is not met) AND has been subscribed to mutuelle for min. 6 months. I think the reference period is calculated backwards from the date on which you would start your maternity leave, but it is best to check with the mutuelle. Annual holidays (only the official ‘vacances annuel’, possible other absence does not count) taken in the reference period are counted as work days. Also unemployment gives right to the maternity leave in case you have been entitled to the unemployment benefits.

More details in here:

Jun 7, 2018 17:57