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My baby is 7 months old but i have been advised that it is time to sign him for the maternelle, which he will start at the age of 2,5 or so.

I am considering Ecole Meyel and Prince Badoin near Gribaumont (where I live). Any feedback on these two maternelles? Do I really need to sign in so much in advance?

Are there any other recommendable maternelles nearby I should not miss?

Thanks for any hint!


Here is the link on how to search for a maternelle. Given where you live, you should consider also WSP, Schaerbeek and Etterbeek schools. Unless you really really have some fundamental objection to a Catholic school, I would look at those too - near you are St Henri, SC de Lindhout, Ecole du Bonheur, Institut de l'Angélus. If you want a particularly small school, there are maternelle only schools Ecole du Bémel and Van Meyel annex (known as Constellations) not far from you either.

You are a bit early. Your baby will hit 2.5 in August 2013 and so can start in September 2013. Enrolments for French schools near you are done by individual schools. Some schools have enrolments only on 1 day a year. Enrolments for 2013-14 school year commence from September 2012, so you are 1 year too early. Some schools have open days where you can visit, some do indivudual tours. You much check enrolment dates and visit procedures with each individual school. But in May and June, nearly every school will have a "fancy-fair" or "fete de l'école" and you can get an informal nose around schools during these events.


Do try and choose a maternelle because you feel it is right, not because someone else has raved about it. Remember, no-one wants to admit their children are at a lousy school, we mainly all like to think that our children are at the best maternelle. Well choose the BEST maternelle which fits our needs. You may need long garderie hours for example, so that will prioritise which maternelles are mosr suitable for you. You may with to have a maternelle where parents are allowed to come in the classroom in the morning and stay a few minutes (some do not let parents in). You may wish to have a maternelle where there are hot lunches which cater to a non pork eater. Best to make a list of things important to you and your child before visiting, then try and judge each maternelle against your wish list. Do visit as many as possible, even if you fall in love with the first maternelle you visit.


Sep 14, 2011 09:49

Did you already visit this serious school in Woluwe : ?

Sep 10, 2017 13:07