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Maternelle school in/near Etterbeek



I would like some advice about maternelle schools in/near Etterbeek. Any comment would be welcomed as I am searching for a school for my 3 years old.



The nearest one you like with a place, it's as simple as that. Apply.

Jul 4, 2019 10:59

If you are looking to start in September you should call soon to any potential schools and ask to be added to the waiting list. Most of the school admins will be closed in a week or two and will reopen only in late August. I scouted Etterbeek schools couple of years ago and all of them required participation to their presentation event before accepting subscriptions, and the presentations took place in JAN-APR for entries in SEP-DEC. That said there'll be last minute openings due to cancellations once the school starts again so it's worth asking now and then waiting to see the situation in September.
We moved in the end and never took the place, but I had subscribed to St Stanislas next to Merode. It's always very personal what you find important, but my criteria was; I liked the head of the school, they (at least claimed to) have extra language support (e.g. actual people and program) for non-french native kids, they provide warm meals, the morning and afternoon care had very flexible hours, it's linked to secondary school, it was within very easy reach from our home, and their school rules were down to earth and shorter than the regular 20 pages you see here.

Jul 4, 2019 17:39