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As September is nearly over I was just wondering if any parents of children new to Brussels maternelle school/classe d'accueil would be willing to share their experiences of their first month?  How has your little one adjusted to life after creche and what were those first few days like?  Particularly interested to hear about your impressions/opinions of the after-school garderie. Thanks!


I never let my daughter stay in the garderie, and my friend found a different solution for her son, who got beaten up regularly and the teachers always said that everything was fine when questioned about it.

I joke that the garderies are like "Lord of the Flies", just let all the children out into the court yard with minimal adult supervision and let them sort it out.

I don't find the Belgian maternelle system very caring of small children, and it is hard to be in a dialogue with the school if you think there is a problem. I now have both my children in a private bi-lingual school, which they are much happier with.

Sep 28, 2011 16:34