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Currently living in Forest close to Gilles and looking for recommendations for maternelles next year. We had thought to try a Montessori school but all seem private, expensive and pretty much across town. We would prefer FR/ENG bilingual maternelles given our child already has three languages to cope with (one being ENG) - would appreciate recommendations for private or public schools.


There are no public maternelles which are bilingual. Attention, many of the private bilinguals contain few or no French speaking children in them, if you are choosing a school because of your desire for them to learn French, then do check how many actually speak French at home and what languages are mother tongue for the children at the school, as you also might find a high percentage of the children don't have English at home either! If you have English at home and are looking for French, then I'd advise a monolingual French school.
There are no public maternelles which are officially Montessori pedagogy, only private ones, but most local maternelles will include Montessori thought in their curriculum.
Here is a map of private schools in Brussels, including language of instruction.
Forest has a few local French schools which are highly rated, including 2 which charge small fees, despite them being public schools. If you are interested in places in them, well enrolments will start as soon as school re-starts on 3rd September.

Aug 26, 2012 13:17