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Masters studies in Brussels/Leuven


Hey all,

I'm currently working, but my contract is up in august, and rather than struggle again to find another job that I dislike, I want to take the opportunity to get my master's degree in september. I've heard good things about KULeuven, and found a program that interests me there, but I'm also applying to VUB and maybe some others. My BA is from Canada, so I'm not sure if I'll be at a disadvantage, but I was curious how competitive/what the rate of acceptance is to these schools.

I'm also curious what my 'status' is then in the country. I'm married to a belgian wife, so no issue for residency, but I also won't have worked the 312 days needed for unemployment (would that even apply for a student?). I assume I'll just turn into a dependent, but if anyone has been in a similar situation I'd be thankful for any advice/pitfalls.

I've contacted the school for some help, or at least to contact some alumni, but while they are very friendly, their suggestions have thus far been dead ends.



You get no unemployment benefits if you pursue formal education, you become a dependent. You can have your Canadian degree validated, I've posted a link on here a few days ago about where you can have it done. It's probably only useful if the fields are related. You should normally be able to just enroll, I think only few fields have entrance exams, medicine, maybe others, ...

Feb 4, 2013 18:03

Hello :
I am a Canadian studying a KULeuven I did my masters here and loved it so much I stayed on to do my Phd instead of returning home to Queens.
if you are interested to learn a bit about Leuven check out this site
I think it is a wonderful place to live and study in, the city is walkable, friendly and very safe. also with a very large international population.

coming form canada I woudl not worry about your BA , it will be accepted here, you will need to ge tit stamped and certified form the embassy back home. Also being a native speaker, with a background in Business ( I am assuming that is what your BA was in) you will not have any issue getting accepted, I find Belgium has a different attitude to education here, allowing all who wish to try to do so.
if you have any questions about Leuven feel free to message me

good luck wit your application

May 7, 2013 12:02