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Masters in European studies


I am a Ugandan currently residing in Brussels and i have 2 children..i have been here for almost one year..i have work experience in the NGO sector from Uganda...when i tried applying for jobs here, all the recommendations i got were of cleaning french level is i decided that in order to improve my chances in the job market i should pursue a masters i applied to pursue a masters degree in european studies in Ucl because i can do it in English since my French is not sufficient...i received an acceptance letter...does any one know of the success of this masters in the job market? Is it a good investment?
Thank you


Since you were an NGO try contacting the ACP house in Brussels. They have jobs.
Website link:

Aug 7, 2018 11:17

You would also be well advised to improve your French if you want better employment prospects locally

Aug 7, 2018 23:14

But to be honest the cost of masters here is not as high as the USA or UK

Aug 7, 2018 23:14