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marrowfat peas, dried peas


Looking to buy i) marrowfat peas to make mushy peas - any idea where in BXL one can buy ? also ii) sweet peas in dried form (to plant and make "pea shoots"). I have tried many (bio) shops which sell various grains but peas not part of the assortment.


i) Indian / asian shops are usually good for dried pulses
ii) You don't need sweet peas, you need ordinary garden peas, and you will find those in a garden centre like Aveve or Brico
Or online:

Feb 26, 2020 09:47

For the marrowfat peas, I'd try Stonemanor, which - in case you don't already know - is a veritable emporium of British gastronomic products. If you're feeling lazy, then they possibly also do tins of mushy peas (I know that they stock several types of tinned haggis). They have a large store in Everberg and a smaller one in Waterloo.

Feb 26, 2020 15:36