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Marriage in Belgium: how many extra days of holidays under Belgian legislation


Dear All,

grateful if one of you could give me the reference to the piece of legislation which provides how many days of extra holiday one gets when he/she gets married in Belgium (congé de circonstances).

Many thanks in advance!!


Many thanks, but I have the impression this is the rule for the Belgian civil servants...

What about the employees in the Belgian private sector?

Jun 10, 2013 11:22

I've no idea what 'congé de circonstances' means but, when we got married here - working in the private sector - we got 3 days off. Also, as we got married on a working day, the witnesses also got a day off.
The commune provided official certificates to be presented to the various employers to justify the extra days off. And, incidentally, we didn't apply for them, the commune just produced them as part of the marriage paperwork ritual.

Jun 10, 2013 11:35

that piece of detail would have been useful when you first asked the question :)
The site of SETCa says 2 days:

so does this site:

But we received 3 days but that is because my company gives an extra day. You need to request a copy of your convention collective and find out what it says in there.

Jun 10, 2013 12:59

It depends on which commission paritaire is applied at your work. The most common in private sector is CP218, for which the congé de circonstances in case of the employee him/herself is getting married is 3 days = the day of the marriage sermon + two days either during the week of the sermon or the week right after. For public servants it is 3 days and in most of the other sectors 2 days, but there is some variation. To be sure what applies, verify with your HR or payroll. Most companies require that you deliver them the certificate proving your right for day off, best check up front so you know ask for the right paper from the commune.

As said above some companies do give extra days, those should be defined in the work rules of your company.

Jun 10, 2013 21:35