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Maple syrup


I am looking for a decent sized , not-so-expensive maple syrup. Sometimes we are lucky but you cannot always find this in Carreforu etc. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Have you tried Aldi's? They sell maple syrup a couple of times a year. I usually pay about 6 euros for a 500 ml bottle.

Mar 18, 2017 22:21

Rhino: (great fruit and vegetables but also an extensive array of "épicerie fine" products), 407 rue Vanderkindere in Uccle sells Canadian products including maple syrup.

Mar 18, 2017 22:44

Amazon France sell Maple Farm syrup. It's excellent.

Mar 19, 2017 11:06

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. I will check out.

Mar 19, 2017 18:55

note: Grade B maple syrup (darker) is less expensive than Grade A but actually delivers a lot more flavor. But then again you may prefer the subtlety of the Grade A.

Mar 20, 2017 21:29

The bio planet has a few different kinds

Apr 11, 2017 20:52

Yes, the Colryt supermarkets also have affordable maple syrup in most of their stores in Brussels....

Apr 12, 2017 17:21