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Many apartment problems


Dear Pete,

Are you taking photographs (before/after) and keeping a diary of events/log of phone calls?

If not, try to sit down and write up as much as you can remember and then update as and when.

Keep all receipts too.

I've had a serious problem with a dangerously-installed fuse box (by someone I'm convinced is not a bona fide electrician). This is in addition to a succession of calls from my landlord since I moved in to allow access to do repairs. After 18 months I asked him to break the lease and I would pay one month. He accepted immediately, then again I know where the bodies are buried, as it were, and have witnesses to the electrical problems (melted cables pulled from a fuse box which smelt of burning!).

So, rather than endure another few months living the way you are, why not write to your landlord and ask him to agree to break the lease early. Worth a try. You should not have to live like this when you are a paid-up tenant.

It's a total disgrace.

Feb 1, 2012 15:10