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Man offers €250 reward for child’s lost toy

09:02 08/06/2023

People who pass by the corner of Avenue Jamar and Avenue Poincaré near Brussels-Midi station may have spotted an usual poster: a father is offering a €250 reward to whomever finds his daughter’s stuffed elephant.

The child’s favourite toy was inside a backpack that went missing in the train station on 30 May around 16.30, Bruzz reports, and the little girl is apparently inconsolable.

“[The elephant] is my daughter’s best friend,” her father explained. “She would be very happy if we found it soon.”

The elephant is 50 centimetres long, has long legs and a sound signal in the pouch sewn on its belly.

The toy is apparently 20 years old – a family heirloom of sorts. Also lost with the backpack is a phone that was inside of it, whose signal was last traced to within Brussels-Midi station.

Anyone who finds the stuffed toy is requested to send a photo to

After that, the finder can come and collect the reward money in exchange for the elephant, Bruzz reports.

Written by Helen Lyons