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I am in my mid-30s and recently divorced. I have never cared much for my looks but want to put an end to that and would like some help to get a full makeover (mani, pedi, hair, the works).

I am not too rich and also embarras easily (because I have no idea about any beauty secrets and am not properly groomed)

Any advice where I can get help? Thank you

Miss Sam

u dont have to be rich to have beauty, i m sure u r beautiful the only thing is to look it in urself,,, forget past and stand infront of mirror quietly for at least 5 min u will see a beautiful lady,,

change ur style of clothing,, wear makeup and use nail polish,, u have many scrubs and facial masks you can buy and just use that do not need pedi meni,,,, well washed everyday needs no artificial beauty, u can have many cheap coiffeur in molenbeeak or madou,, who cuts women hair very nice.

also self confidence (not over) is needed in ur thinking. do not relate ur bad experience to ur entire life,, always think its his lost,,, i know i m not quite help but these little things can make a difference.


Jun 7, 2012 16:29