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Made redundant


After working for nearly 10 years, I lost my job. Now I am looking for a job. Unitil I find one, I am looking to get government support. I live in flanders.
Can anyone tell me what is the process to get government support?

Thank you in advance


After you're laid off you would have got the C4. On the C4 it will say that you were terminated. If you left the job then you wont get unemployment benefits for 1 year.

Anyway here is the process:
1. In Flanders, you need to log into your VDAB account and change your status to unemployed since xx/yy/zz and print out the certificate that indicates you are registered as unemployed.
2. You have the C4. Take the C4 and the above document to the Hulpkas agency in your town and they will process the paperwork and take you bank acc details.
3. Once above is done, end of each month you log into below website and select days that you were unemployed and submit. In few days you will get your money in your bank account.

Jan 2, 2021 22:30

Thank you!

Jan 4, 2021 16:01