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m25 exit 10 Burpham


Ive only ever been to uk via eurostar to London. Now I need to drive to Surrey next week via Calais etc. Q is - I need to make a stop in Guildford before continuing on to Farnham, my destination. So i've charted on google maps that I should take the m25 exit 10 to Burpham a suburb of Gford where i need to stop. Im really concerned about getting from there to the Farnham road. It looks like a maze. Would anyone familiar with that area be able to clarify please

From the archives

Not sure from where in Burpham, to where on the Farnham road, but it looks pretty easy to me.
See here:
You just takes signs for Guilford (A3100), and then Farnham (A31).
I know the area well and it's all signposted fine.

Sep 7, 2011 13:08