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Last summer, I got approached by Luminus while at Media Markt. They convinced me that they are a better supplier than Lampiris and assured me that they would be cheaper. So I changed as of September. And indeed, my bill for electricity and gaz became 20 Euros less per months. But this month, they deducted me a large amount of money, and I realized that they had recalculated my use of gaz end electricity, and it turned out that it's been actually 9 Euros more per month than it had been with Lampiris. I wonder how this could have happened. From September till December, I lived with a flat mate, but I don't think that the expenditure was so much higher with her. I feel deceived now. Has anybody had a similar experience with Luminus?


Unless you actually know the amount of electricity you normally use, then any sales talk by someone who randomly walks up to you in MediaMarkt and tells you they can supply your electricity cheaper is meaningless. You shouldn't change suppliers without doing some basic research into 1) how much electricity you use and 2) what the price per KWH and monthly charges are on the proposed new contract vs your old contract.

You admit that for a period of three months you had two people instead of one in your place and are now surprised that your electricity consumption increased.

You weren't deceived. You signed a new contract without making a proper comparison, and you used more electricity.

Apr 26, 2018 13:46

MediaMarkt are particularly bad for people hanging around giving you the hard-sell. Be VERY careful who you get advice from.

Apr 26, 2018 14:54

Did you not compare tariffs? You can’t assume that sales people will tell you the truth also energy prices do fluctuate but if they were estimating and then got a real reading explains why the bill jumped. I’d switch away fast and tell them why when you go

May 4, 2018 09:02