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Lukoil stations


Are Lukoil stations in Belgium connected to Putins people?


Google (as I'm sure you have) Luxoil Putin. I guess you are referring to Luxoil the brand rather than the owners of the franchise.

Many different sources show some kind of a link.
Try Esso Putin, Shell Putin etc. and compare.

I doubt anyone will come on here and say 'yes he does and I know for sure'

Mar 4, 2015 21:21

Noooo, this cannot be .. a Russian business/brand "allowed" to sell outside Russia the (possibly?) Russian gas ... Should I remind you what happened to another independent (i.e. non-state-bound) oil-tycoon? They may be franchises, but don't forget how this franchises work: they provide you the materials, they charge you with a fixed-tax and what's left, it's yours.

Mar 5, 2015 13:54

It's the second largest oil company in Russia. Of course it is.

Mar 5, 2015 15:20