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For the love of god


Can anyone offer me some ideas before I reach breaking point...

Its my hubbies birthday at the w/e and I had been planning to buy some football tickets to watch Anderlect-Standard on the 13th May as a suprise.

I thought I'd done all my homework for this (but apparently not) because after 4 calls to their ticketing office to get all the information I thought I needed, it turns out there's one piece of info they forgot to mention.. I can't bloody well buy them!

Can someone please tell me why its so hard to buy football tickets in this country.... I had already excepted that I would have to take a day off work to go and get them all the way in Anderlect (because you can't buy them anywhere else); that I would probably need to leave home at 6am to make sure I was at the stadium by 7am to ensure my chances of getting them; that I would probably only be able to get the expensive seats - no probs.

But what I can't except is that if you have never been to a football match before in Belgium and your details aren't on their database then you can't bloomin buy them - why!

Why! why! why!


haha Asterix - you must be Belgian - non?

Are you forgetting what happened at the Heysel stadium.....

Anyway getting back to your answer I spoke fluent French to the ticketing guy (its the same person who i've spoken to the last 4 times).

I'm at loss with this country sometimes!!!

Apr 23, 2012 13:37