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Lot (Beersel) - predominantly Dutch-speaking?


We are considering a move from Brussels (Uccle/Ukkel) to Lot (part of Beersel). How Dutch-speaking is Lot? Obviously it's in Flanders but so are Linkebeek and Drogenbos and those towns are predominantly French-speaking. My husband and I speak 5 languages between us but we are raising our 4-year-old daughter in Dutch only due to her cleft lip/cleft palate and extreme language delay. We really want her in a Dutch-only environment. We are tired of Uccle/Ukkel where we can't find Dutch-speaking doctors, after-school activities in Dutch or even other Dutch-speaking natives at the playground. (FYI, my question is not politically motivated in any way. I am French-American and don't even speak either of my native languages to my daughter!)


yes, unlike Drogenbos and Linkebeek, Beersel is not a commune facilité so all services inc. doctors, childrens activities etc are only in Dutch, though saying that it is also a commune which is very welcoming to allcomers/ inwoners

Jun 20, 2012 21:36