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Looking for playgroups in uccle


You are limited slightly in that most children are in creche at 18 months and in school at 2 1/2. However......

I would recommend BCT as it has many informal playgroups and coffee mornings for anglophone parents and children. In Uccle there is even a swimming group held at Darwin Aqua club.

Here are some non BCT activities....
Informal meeting places for parents and young children in Brussels

Parent participation crèches

Music classes

Art classes
Arc-en-Ciel for 2 years (with parent) or 3 years- adult, held at their own studio in Etterbeek 1040 Bruxelles (Boileau area). Classes taught in English and German, also French and Dutch spoken.

Signing classes

Bizzy Bee Signing – baby signing for children between approximately 6 months and 2.5 years, accompanied by a parent or caregiver.


English Children’s Libraries, at Centre Crousse and the British and Commonwealth Women’s Club, both in Woluwe St Pierre. The Centre Crousse library is open on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings and there are regular story times there too.

Finally there is Little Gym, hyper expensive and frequented by many many expats, after school times.

Jan 31, 2012 09:52