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Looking for a place to live near Brussels / Limal


I'm moving from Portugal to Belgium for a job offer.

I'm looking for a place to live there as I'll work at Limal. I'm wondering if anyone can help me where to search for appartments/houses.
I'm going alone so it doesn't need to be very big but I would prefer something with a garden and pet friendly as I intend to bring a small dog.
From what I've seen i'm expected to pay around 600-800€ depending on the place


Where to search ==>

This is the top site for all rentals/sale of real estate. Gook luck!

Feb 23, 2018 17:00

Hey, thanks for the wesbite

I also wanted to add the question.
What would be the best/cheapest place to look for the appartment/house around Limal? I've looked in Limal, Wavre, Lovain-la-neuve.
Which else would you recommend I search for?

Feb 23, 2018 17:29

I personally live in Auderghem which is one of the best neighborhood in Brussels. But I would recommend you possibly choose something outside Brussels such Wavre, Waterloo, Braine-l'Alleud, Tervuren, etc. if you drive as the Brussels communes are very expensive in terms of rent and living costs.
It also depends if your work is going to give you a car or reimburse travel expenses. But in my opinion I would stay away from capital both due to costs and traffic jam which in peak hours is terrible considering you have to travel everyday. Try to sign one year contract first if possible and after you may change if you find a better one.
If you are looking to live with other people here is an alternative:

Feb 23, 2018 18:05

Visit first. Limal isn't really quite the center of the universe and nightlife may be limited. Also, you may need something with public transport or car parking.

Feb 23, 2018 19:31

I'm single no kids

Feb 24, 2018 00:23

Apparently I can't edit or delete comments so, last comment was on the wrong thread.

I plan to visit yes but first I must have a list of houses to see in advance. That's why I want to make a list of places to go to

Feb 24, 2018 00:24

LLN is a university town so maybe ok for a younger single, you could always take try and take a short term place and look once here because leases are pretty long as a rule and if you decide you don’t like the commune it’s an expensive thing to quit a lease.
Wavre is quite a nice town and no one can say what is right or cheap for you because we don’t know your budget or what you want in apartment. Also depends if you want to speak French. Some of the Flemish communes a bit close can be expensive as nearer big international schools. Apartment with gardens maybe more tricky to find good lluck

Feb 24, 2018 20:46