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Looking for a Gym buddy


My gym buddy can no longer join me at the gym. I would like to find someone new to go to the gym with--to help keep me going. Don't need a personal trainer, just looking for an english speaking woman, middle aged (I'm 50+), belongs to the women's Health City gym on Rue D'Ansaert in central brussels, and who would be interested in going to the gym together at least twice (or more) times a week. I currently do both cardio (treadmill, mostly fast walking with intermittant running) and muscle training (free weights), and some yoga and stretching--but am no body builder and am not in top condition or anything like that--I'm just your average slightly overweight woman trying to keep middle-age spread at bay. I spend about 45 minutes at the gym each visit. I'll chekc back and if anyone is interested, we can exchange email details. TIA