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Looking for a child immunologist


Hi, my kid, 2 y.o. has constant respiratory problems (objectively above average). Now we found out she is lacking immunoglobulin A. This could work by itself out within the next 2-3 years but we are looking for a specialist to consult what the best option would be for her now balancing health/medication/social contacts/development. (aka standard creche, small household creche of 3-4 kids or at home with babysitter). Have you had similar experience, so you know a good expert?



A 2yr old with respiratory problems should be referred to a paediatrician. If they feel you should also see an immunologist, then they should refer you to one.

Oct 19, 2015 15:27

My child had this problem. He grew out of it, but not before he was into his teens. I would recommend a standard crèche because partly the child has to be exposed to colds etc to build up their immunity. (IgA is basically the immune system) You could probably keep your child safer at home, but when she starts school at 6 and suddenly meets bacteria and virus she will be off school a lot and it will be very hard for her to catch up. I can understand your wish to keep your child safe and healthy at home, but long term it does not work. Good luck.

Oct 20, 2015 13:20

I agree with other posters - see a paediatrician and let the child go to normal environment. Also have allergy tests. Respiratory problems due to allergy are common. An inhaler may help. The environment in Brussels is polluted which does not help. I know this because my child had respiratory problems due to allergy. He is fine now but only when he became a teenager - the problem lasted all through childhood. It needed management by a paediatrician and also anti allergy treatment on a constant basis.

Oct 20, 2015 20:51