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Looking to buy customisable high performance


Hi All,

Hope everyone is well, I'm looking for a place in Brussels to buy a laptop that's high performing for my web development environment and photo editing. Specs of the machine as follows:

16gb ram
512gb SSD HD
Quad core i7 Intel CPU
Windows 7 or 8
x4 USB 3.0 ports
15inch screen
DVD or Blueray writer/rwriter.
Long lasting g battery
Qwerty keyboard

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


if you want new, your prolly best of with Mediamarkt, FNAC, Vandenborre.

If you're willing to so for secnd hand, get off the metro an head south on Bvd Anspach (the recently pedestranised street). Once you pass Bourse, there are a number of places that sell second had laptops, on both sides of the steet. And normally they sell with a 3-6 month guarantee. And you'll get alot more PC for yur maney that way.... or pay alot less than a brand spanking new PC.

Qwerty keyboard may be a problem though. Although, you get used to azerty pretty quick. I've worked in alot of countries an new keyboard layouts are initially irritating, but you do get used to them quickly.

Nov 8, 2015 21:44


Thanks for your feedback, I don't trust the shops on Andspach/ lemonnier, I was looking for something similar to Alien PC where I can customise the components. The likes of mediamarkt vandenborre and fnac don't have great after sales service. Maybe I should try the UK.

Nov 8, 2015 22:12

try in Hasselt, they speak English / Dutch / French / German ....
and do customize re to your needs - have a good customer after sales service, by remote or on-site service.

Nov 9, 2015 13:49

My last three computers have been bought from different local shops who offer a basic starting layout which they will adjust to clients' specific needs. None have been in Bxl but I cannot believe that you will not find the same offer with a bit of simple research - pla

Nov 9, 2015 14:43

Don't know what happened there!
Places which are not selling ready-made Dell, HP and so on.
And, as has already been said, don't worry about the keyboard layout, you'll very quickly adjust to AZERTY.

Nov 9, 2015 14:46

Maybe I should try the UK?

Yes you should.

Nov 9, 2015 15:54