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Looking for an Algerian with Polish nationality in car business


Does anyone know an Algerian man with Polish nationality who "buys" cars from Belgium and takes them back to Poland.

Today, at around midday, Algerian man with Polish passport stole a car (Opel Astra, silver colour) at the end of motorway E19, near the exit Anderlecht, and left the man who drove it stranded on a busy junction.

The matter has been reported to the Anderlecht police but they can't search for all the stolen cars so there is little hope there.

As there are a number of East Europeans living here in Belgium, I am asking if anyone knows this man or knows who he is or where does he stay or anything that would help?


From the archives

How do you know he was Algerian with a Polish passport,,, I cannot imagine a car thief giving these details, what did he do, jump in the car and show the driver his passport.
Please elaborate just out of curiosity ???

Aug 29, 2011 15:18