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Looking for advise in my job hunt


I've been looking for a job for quite a while now but ive been unsuccessful. I have worked in call centers back in Canada so I figured it would be my best bet to continue here in belgium. Yet I have not been able to find where to apply for call centers. Ive looked up on Proximus and Belgacom but cannot seem to find where to apply.

I am also open to work in other fields, yet I dont know where to look.

I speak fluent english and french. I'm also learning dutch

If anyone knows of sites or places that can help me please let me know



Proximus and Belgacom customer service is outsourced as far as I know, but they are not the only show in town. Most companies advertise customer service jobs through or so it's worth checking there daily. Upload your CV and standard cover letter to both sites and create a public profile. You can apply for interesting positions in minutes by clicking the 'apply now' links. You should honestly have no problem if you speak French and English and can prove competency in Dutch.

Sep 19, 2011 15:20