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Long Term Parking


I need to park up for - /+ 2 months.

My car is in Brussels and I am flying early May from Zaventem.

I need something cheap (or free) and safe.

1) Are there any cheap long term parkings in Brussels? I am aware of P4 in Zaventem.

2) I was once told you can park up for free in Industriepark Diegem? Anyone with insight?

3) Any cheap Park & Ride options?

Thanks all


Apologies if I'm telling you things that you have thought of.
Your priorities have to be:
Will the car be there when you get back?
If it is, will it start?
If I was in your position I would talk to the guy who services my car. I'm sure that he would be able to find somewhere at the back of his place where I could leave the car. All it has to do is sit there for 2 months. There doesn't need to be access to it whilst I'm away.
Alternatively, any friend, neighbour, colleague with enough space to tuck the car away.

Apr 21, 2020 10:10