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London to Brussels by Eurostar


Hi All,
Has anyone traveled from the UK to Belgium recently? Do you need to take a PCR test in the UK before departing for Belgium? I am an EU citizen (not from the UK) residing in London and I need to go to Brussels on the 17th of May for a couple of weeks. Guidelines say I will need to have a PCR test when I arrive in Belgium (Day 1) and then on Day 7. Where do I have to go to get these PCR tests? I will be in staying in the south of Belgium for my visit.
Thanks in advance for any help / advice.


Suggest that you speak to the Embassy in London for precise information as it could change day to day. However, right now the rules are still strict, and you've missed the fact that currently you will also need to take a test in the U.K. in the 72 hours BEFORE you leave.

UK Govt official information

Belgian Govt official information

With regards to your questions about where and how to test once in belgium, this section of the Belgian site gives detailed and official information.

May 3, 2021 12:38

Sorry, I'd phrased that wrong - Yes, you do need to take a test in the U.K. before departing.

May 3, 2021 12:39