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Local maternelle/primary for English and French?


We cannot afford an international school but would like our little one to benefit from a bilingual and international environment. We live close to the border between Ixelles and Uccle.

If anyone can recommend a maternelle and primary school, or where t start looking, I would really appreciate it!

I heard that many maternelles are linked to primary schools, so that the choice of maternelle often determines your access to desirable primary schools. I am trying to understand the system so we inform ourselves in time (and don't get caught last minute as we did with the crèches).

Is there a list of local maternelles and/or schools that have a more international environment, curiculum, students?


Most schools near you will be fondamentales covering maternelle and primaire. Look at nearest. Brussels 40per cent non Belgian so cannot avoid international students. Ask each school when to enrol

May 14, 2014 22:06

"bilingual" = 1 language at home, another at school. What is your choice of school language?

> local maternelles and/or schools that have a more international environment
You want to avoid that. The more "Belgian" it is, the more homogeneous the school language will be.

May 15, 2014 00:33