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Loans and Mortgages for dual national Income in UK


I'm looking at raising some money to renovate/improve a property in Belgium.

My pension income is from the UK and I'm a Belgian / UK national.

The banks are refusing a loan/mortgage as my income originates in the UK.

I have equity/cash that exceeds the loan amout required by 133%

I'm thinking to approach to my UK bank with Brussels offices.

Any other ideas.



My pension income is from the UK and I'm a Belgian/UK national.
I applied for a mortgage loan from 3 different local banks; one offered the amount that we wanted, one offered 40% of what we wanted and the third, effectively, ignored us.
The loan was actually approved some days before my pension payments started though I was able to show proof of the amount that I would draw and the fact that it was an official government, rather than a private, pension.
I don't know whether Brexit has changed the situation - my loan was pre-Brexit - but, if not I can only suggest that you try more than one lender.

Oct 17, 2022 14:54

Try a mortgage broker. They have access to some deals that are not necessarily available to the retail market. Not a recommendation as I haven't used them myself, but this is an example:

Oh and, forget the bit about dual nationality. It has nothing to do with whether they'll lend you money or not. It's the origin of the money, not your nationality that is important.

Oct 17, 2022 17:23