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Load-bearing terrace? Seeking structural engineer-type.



I live in (rent) a typical maison de maître/townhouse, with a large terrace out the back. The terrace does not jut out, and it is a "proper" terrace (not just me walking on top of downstairs' roof). Still, I've been putting some large-ish plants on it and it occurred to me I ought to check what sort of load it might bear. Just to be on the safe side. 

Who would do this in Brussels? Do I need a structural engineer/surveyor - and has anyone any recommendations for someone willing to take on a small job?




FFS - you just need good insurance. If you can stand on the damned thing to put a plant on, then it's load bearing capacity is pretty good. And if it ain't solid, 1, you would notice it, and 2, you wanna make sure you're properly insured. And 3, don't invite me round for a BBQ.

Oct 15, 2011 20:51