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Living with friends - formalities?


In the early stages of considering moving in with friends. They own the house and I would pay rent. Naturally want to ensure that everything is above board. Does anyone have experience of this? Would they have to meet any regulatory requirements as a result of me living there and paying rent. When I register with the commune, would the commune then require various documents to be present? Thanks in advance

Appreciate any advice but, with respect, this is related purely to the official elements - sure that certain posters will think they need to provide advice on what can go wrong living with friends etc. etc.


Best way to ruin a friendship is by living with people in my experience because all their annoying little habits get really annoying sharing a home.its great seeing a friend for dinner or a few hours but house sharing is really tough. .
Seriously though where ever you live you will have to register with the commune also get a contract in place setting out exactly what is your responsibility to pay bills wear and tear etc. Notice period if they want you out vice versa. Also toilet rolls milk coffee have it all agreed before you set foot there as a tenement. Unless they own they may also need the landlords permission and if you pay rent I’m pretty sure they need to declare it

May 4, 2018 08:45

I believe that in Belgium if you are living with friends long term then it is compulsory to register with your commune and your landlord. Once a month all have a brief meeting. Everybody receives a paper copy of who has paid the different bills. During your brief once a month meetings you can all sit down and discuss household finances, taxes and household chores etc. Everything depends on how amicable everybody is.
Always get it in writing, signed and dated by all parties and keep a paper copy of everything, including permission for what you can and cannot do (for example, have music playing very loudly until 3am). As CC_R suggests get a signed and dated contract and keep a paper copy for yourself. Does your rent include utilities costs (water, electricity, gas)? Most places say no smoking is permitted inside the premises.

May 4, 2018 11:01