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Living in Belgium


I was offered a job at the European Institutions. Now that I have the opportunity, I started to become unsure whether this is what I want. Most expats seem to be quite unhappy living in Belgium. I love my current life, my job, and my wife is very happy where we are. What do you think? Should we stay or should we go?


Some PROS of living in Belgium: Healthcare, Small enough to explore fully & to get out of (!), reasonable prices compared to other European main cities (Food & Accomodation), caring for kids is a doddle (creche/schools are reasonably priced and offers good services)

Some CONS to living in Belgium: taxes, taxes, taxes. Parking fines (in Brussels), can be quite bureaucratic (communal administration queues - I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy!), not much choices when shopping

Having said that, since you are up for a job at the EC, the biggest bummer is overcome. As for shopping, London & Paris are only a train ride away.

I cannot call myself "happy" here, but generally quite "content". This place is not exciting, but with a bit of an effort, things just fall into place.

Apr 24, 2012 13:23