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Lime Scooters


Hello ... I am increasingly finding Lime Scooters dumped everyone (and now other scooters as well)

Some are left deliberately inconvenient places ... some are left in downright dangerous location (Road crossings).

I take pictures each time I see them ... but who should I send to or complain to within the commune?


Shame them on Social Media, it's faster.

Post your photo's and tag them with Lime, Brussels Commune and Brussels Police.

@limebike @VilleBruxelles @zpz_polbru

May 8, 2019 18:57

What do you want to achieve by 'complaining' or 'shaming'?
Why not just move the scooter out the way? A meter or so to the edge of the pavement? If everyone that that wants a city that has air that does not kill them and a lower carbon transport solution did this now and again it would easily counter the bad apples that deliberately move them in the way (not necessarily the last user). Brussels NEEDS new transport solutions and the infrastructure to support them.

May 10, 2019 10:03