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Letter for permission to take kids out of the EU on holidays


Hi all,
The ex wants to take the kids on holiday out of the EU and I believe that there is a letter of permission to be completed in order to do so?
Any ideas if this is just a letter produced by yourself or is there a recognised template from a Belgian Govt website?
Thanks !


Yes can get this from your commune. It's called a "Autorisation parentale" in French. No idea in Dutch - sorry.

Also, you should know that there is absolutely no legal requirement to have one. There are in fact, no formal rules for travelling with children (unless there was something specifically written in your divorce agreement relating the the custody of your children).

However, if you have one of these docs, it may make things easier if there was ever any question from travel / legal authorities.

If you're in Brussels (but all communes will have an equivalent)

Jun 4, 2018 13:52

The letter doesn't do much, normally the airline will ask for one if you have put an alert/ no fly order on the child's passport

Jun 19, 2018 00:08