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L'épargne à long terme or L'épargne-pension



I am working as an independent here in Brussels and I am wondering whether anyone perhaps could help clarify about the pension options EP/E...à long terme.

I want to use as a pensions savings and L'épargne à long terme looks like a much much better option to optimize the amount of money you can save with fiscal benefits.
However, I plan on buying in Brussels area (not Flandre or Wallonie) in the next 2 years probably and this is where I am confused.
Do you lose the tax savings when you buy with l'épargne à long terme but not if you save with l'épargne-pension.

Many thanks


Best checking with an accountant however my understanding is that the tax credit for "bonus-logement" and "éparge a long-terme were the same" meaning that you could only get the tax credit from mortgage interest relief or long-term savings but not both. However the "bonus-logement" does not really exist in the same form since this year (instead the abattement in Brussels region increased from 60 to 175k).

Éparge pension shouldn't be impacted.

As I said best check with a professional though

Dec 13, 2017 14:39

you cannot access your pension scheme before pension age ..or turn it into another savings / hypotheque .
Please ask your accountant, this is what you are paying for!

Dec 15, 2017 16:34

There is something called AANVULLENDPENSIOEN check with any bank or your account they will help you further. If you pay an aanvullend pensioen you do not pay tax on that now. Later you get taxed on it but on a lesser percentage. So it is an advantage.

Jan 12, 2018 09:26