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Lend a hand: Six Brussels charities looking for volunteers

02:58 01/10/2019

Brussels-based non-profit Unless provides food, clothing and other basic necessities to homeless people in Brussels. They distribute warm meals and tea and coffee to people living at North station.

Buddywerking supports people who are socially isolated due to psychological problems. It pairs them with a volunteer buddy with whom they can chat, go for a coffee, watch a film or take a walk. Expats who have been in Belgium for at least six months can apply.

Serve the City is responsible for various community activities in Brussels, Leuven, Mons and Sint-Truiden. It is active in the following areas: homeless, asylum seekers, elderly, persons with disabilities, children in need, victims of abuse.

A citizen platform supporting refugees in Brussels, BXL Refugees is largely made up of volunteers. Follow them on Facebook, where calls for volunteers are posted.

The Community Help Service (CHS) runs a 24/7 English language volunteer-based helpline.

Contact shelters in Brussels and Braine-le-Comte if you want to volunteer with dogs, cats, donkeys, goats and other animals.

Written by The Bulletin