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I’m looking for an English speaking notaire in central Brussels simply to witness my signature on a document. Can anyone advise please. I’ve searched but several seem to be very specialised and I want only this very basic service so I don’t want to pay unnecessarily for a top specialist lawyer


Before spending money, check with the person for whom you are signing the document to confirm exactly what is required/acceptable.
I had this done some time ago at the commune which was supported by an official rubber stamp. And the proof that I am still alive, which is needed to continue drawing a pension, is witnessed by my doctor.

Jan 9, 2020 22:10

1) Agree with the above, check carefully who exactly needs to witness your signature.
2) It's unlikely that you could find a notaire in Brussels that doesn't speak English.
4) Using the search function on, find the nearest notaire to your house and go there.
5) Try the notarial services at your local consulate / Embassy.

Otherwise, the commune will do this for you for a nominal sum, except the document needs to be in French or Dutch.

Assuming you live in Brussels, it's €6

Jan 10, 2020 10:02