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Leaving company for another job. Current employer gives 26 days paid holiday.


My future employer provides only 21 days. If possible, I would like to take advantage of the 5 extra days before leaving my current job. My current contract and reglement de travail mention nothing about this. I cannot speak to HR until I've signed the contract the new company will send. Please advise.

Oh, and if your only contribution is irrelevant and rude ("WHY do you want to screw over your current employer?!") or completely unhelpful ("Every case is different, speak to HR"), please abstain, I've dealt with enough a$$holes today already.


Normally, you get a lump sum to cover your outstanding holiday entitlement, an you'll get nowt from you new employer for the first year, so you've effectively been paid for your unpaid leave in advance from your old employer. Therefore, no need to "use up" your holidays. Just pot-luck as to weather or not you get paid for all of them.
I could be wrong, but that's my understanding of the system.

Jun 13, 2012 19:44