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Leaving Belgium job to work in NL as Frontalier


Hi All,
Many thanks in advance for your valueable advice. I am an EU Citizen working in Belgium with an E Card. I have got a job offer to work in NL but I do intend to stay in Belgium as a frontalier worker. The question I am struggling with is after I resign from my job here in Belgium, can I still maintain the E card and residency in Belgium based on my Dutch job or will I be forced to move to NL?
Many Thanks


As long as you remain a citizen of an EU state AND you have sufficient income (which will now come from your job in the Netherlands) you can continue to live in Belgium and will still be eligible for the E card. You should talk to your mutuality about the implications for your social security situation but you will just be one of many thousands of frontaliers and they will have standard procedures in place to cope with the situation. Similarly, when it comes to your next Belgian tax return (for the year 2019) you will probably find it helpful to actually go and talk to the fisc (especially as it will be a "mixed" year), but again there are standard procedures in place.

Jul 2, 2019 10:32