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I am a Belgian pensioner (though am a German national) and will be leaving Belgium for good to a country outside of the EU. We still have property here which is let and a bank account which we shall keep. Beyond the standard procedure of informing the Commune etc. what are the consequences of owning property and receiving rent when one no longer resides in Belgium? Both my mutuel and my pension will not be effected ( I enquired)


I am quite sure that you would have to continue paying tax on the rent in Belgium somehow. You could obviously deduct costs, but someone will have better info on the practicalities than me.
When you say that your mutuelle is not affected, are you planning on continuing to pay into it? Why would you want to do that? Surely you would arrange medical insurance in the country that you move to. (I ask, as I will be in similar situation myself soon.)

Jun 6, 2018 17:45

i will also present this question to the tax man. not sure there will be tax it i assume it depends on the income..
As for the mutuel i will carry on paying for now (the very small sum) for the
privilege of consulting if need be, doctors / hospitals in Belgium

Jun 6, 2018 19:05

You do not normally pay tax on a rental property you cannot practically live in in Belgium.

Jun 7, 2018 09:17

You do not pay taxes on properties rented unfurnished.
You pay taxes on properties rented furnished.
The amount is a % based on the value of the furniture. You need to see in which category you belong

You still have to pay Rente Cadastrale every year (usually Oct-Nov) on the property you own so you probably need to enquire how to receive the notifications/payment advice from the Tax Authority.

You still have to do your tax declaration but it should be rather simple and possible to do it online nowadays.

In any case best of luck on your move!

Jun 7, 2018 09:34